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Prière à Notre-Dame (Suite Gothique) - L. Boëllmann (organist: Frans Bullens)


Above the entrance is the historic and monumental organ by Wilhelm Rütter from 1882. When the church was completed in 1921, it was not yet completed. There was still a tower to be built and a ship. Because it was all still something of the future and the financial means were lacking, they built an 'emergency' portal on the west side for so long, and on that side also an 'emergency' balcony with 'so long' and a second-hand organ on it. It never came to the realization of the total plan and the 'second hand' is still there! Fortunately, because it is a very nice instrument with 14 voices on two manuals and free pedal.


At the liturgical center is the organ, made by vd Kley from Rotterdam in 1910. After many wanderings, it was installed in the St. Laurentius church in 2007. The console and wind supply, however, come from the organ of the former St. Joseph Church in Dongen. So it is a kind of 'fusion organ'. The instrument has 20 voices on two manuals and pedal.

Fuga op een thema van Legrenzi (BWV 574) - J.S. Bach (Organist: Frans Bullens)
Andante in D majeur (MVW W 32) - F. Mendelssohn (Organist: Frans Bullens)


The harmonium was built in Liverpool in 1928. In 2007 it was restored in the Netherlands by Louis Huivenaar for installation in the Volckaert in Dongen. The Laurentius Church has had this instrument on loan from the Volckaert since 2019 and after a facelift, the full sound can now be brought back into its own in the beautiful domed church.


In the priest choir there is also a chest organ by Renée Nijsse from Wolphaartsdijk, built in 1985. The small instrument of 3 voices is used for small liturgical celebrations and with the accompaniment ensemble for the mixed choir. 3 Volunteers took over the instrument from the Dongens music school at the time. After a thorough overhaul, they lent the instrument to the church.

Dozzina III, Fantasia no. 10 in D - G.P. Telemann (Organist: Frans Bullens)
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