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Sint-Laurentius (ca. 225 - 258) is een van de meest vereerde martelaren van de Kerk van Rome. Volgens de legende werd deze diaken levend op een rooster verbrand. Het beeld dat in onze kerk staat is niet voor de huidige kerk gemaakt, maar voor vorige kerk die in 1917 afbrandde. De kerk was verwoest maar ook hier overleefde Laurentius het vuur. Feestdag: 10 augustus.


The Sint-Laurentiuskerk is Dongen 's most important Catholic parish church. The church, located at Gasthuisstraat 1 and characterized by a striking dome, is considered one of the most important works of the architect Joseph Cuypers .

The church building is a design by Joseph Cuypers and Pierre Cuypers jr . The style is expressionist brick architecture. The church is a central building that is covered by a striking curved octagonal dome with red roof tiles. Special are the high windows that are placed in groups of two, three or five. Shallow transept arms protrude on three sides. The fourth side contains the polygonal closed choir.

The inventory contains works of art from the construction period, and there are apse paintings, made by Joan Collette , who worked for the Cuypers studio in Roermond . There are stained glass windows by Max Weiss .



The parish center of the Laurentius Church has a small hall which is perfect for chamber music. There is a piano in the hall.

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